2 New Books: Between Dog & Wolf and Housatonic


Between Dog & Wolf

Deriving it’s title from the French saying “L’heure entre chien et loupe” (the hour between dog and wolf) which refers to the golden hour of sunset, “Between Wolf & Dog” is the exploration of wild and domestic as seen through the life and adventure of Polaroid photographer Mikael Kennedy. Rather than focusing on the specific time of day, Kennedy’s latest series looks to the notion of wild and domestic as two forces to choose from, two forces in conflict. Presented in 34 Polaroids from Kennedy’s life and travels (and from the last days of the Polaroid blog Passport to Trespass) Kennedy finds moments when his subjects, either landscape or portraits’ innate liminality is fully exposed. It is that struggle, that tension between the two worlds of night and day, of domestic and wild that Kennedy finds himself and his subjects existing in, what he refers to as “A fine line of wild”.

- Marlo Kronberg, Clic Gallery, 2012

31 Polaroids from the June 2012 exhibition at Clic Gallery, NY


a series of summers spent around the town of housatonic,
living on our friends floors and front lawns

"My internship in college took place at the Polaroid Collection, which at that time was housed in Edwin Land’s lab and studio in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was a remarkable place. On any given day I could open a flat file drawer and find any number of prints by Andy Warhol, Ansel Adams, Lucas Samaras and Paul Caponigro just to name a few. The Polaroid, for me personally, is part intimate image and part beautiful object. Mikael Kennedy’s work is both of these things. Together the images from Housatonic create a timeless narrative while at the same time each standing as it’s own unique document to a time past. I can’t think of a better way to be creating art."

- Susan Sherrick, Howard Greenberg Gallery

33 Polaroids


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