'Between Dog & Wolf'
Polaroids by Mikael Kennedy

Clic Gallery
255 Center St., NYC
June 7- July 8th
Opening June 7th, 6-8pm

Clic Gallery is pleased to present "Between Dog & Wolf", an exhibition of new Polaroids by American photographer Mikael Kennedy. Fresh off the heels of Kennedy's internationally-lauded "Passport to Trespass" series which documented over a decade of the artist's travels via Polaroids, "Between Wolf & Dog" is an exploration of the dual ferity and domesticity of human existence, that "fine line of wild." Derived from the French saying "L'heure entre chien et loupe" (the hour between dog and wolf) which refers to the golden hour right after sunset, that moment inbetween domestic and wild. "Between Wolf & Dog" presents a new series of Polaroids from Kennedy's life and travels at moments when his subjects, either landscape or portraits' innate liminality is fully exposed. According to the artist, "At the time that I shot these pictures I was starting to feel that struggle between domestic and wild and I started to look for it in my friends, hoping to see a glimmer of that struggle in them as well." Featuring new Polaroids, "Between Wolf & Dog" will open on Thursday, June 7 and remain open through July 8.


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